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  1. Writing an Artist's Statement

    Writing an Artist's Statement
    We know that many artists balk at the idea of writing an artist statement. How often have you heard, “my artwork speaks for itself.” Sound familiar? If you are one who resists we hope you will read on because crafting a statement doesn’t really have to be a painful experience. In fact it can be helpful to both the maker of art and to the viewer as well. Read more
  2. Backsplash!


    The mosaic backsplash is a design idea that easily lends itself to Kitchen renovation projects. As well thoughtful mosaic images, patterns and designs can add a splash of colour and a visual focal point to any bathroom space. An original mosaic backsplash may be exactly the thing your kitchen or bathroom remodelling project needs. If committing yourself to a particular design is slowing you down on tackling a backsplash project read on …

    Read more
  3. The Roman Pool: Hearst Castle

    The Roman Pool: Hearst Castle
    William Randolph Hearst (1863-1951) best known for building America’s largest newspaper empire was also a collector, patron and enthusiastic appreciator of the arts. A tract of land was handed down to him from his father and mother in San Simeon, California. For years the Hearst family used this property as a retreat and planned “camping” trips to the remote property; though camping for the Hearsts might not be what most of most think of when heading out to the back-country. They had a fairly comfy set-up that consisted of elaborate sleeping quarters and a separate dining tent. Read more
  4. Terry Nicholls: For Love of the People, the Land and the Mosaic Art Form

    Terry Nicholls: For Love of the People, the Land and the Mosaic Art Form
    Canadian mosaic artist, Terry Nicholls creates mosaic images that reflect the spirit of the people where he lives and the stark beauty of the land that surrounds. We can see the power of the ocean and the way it carves into and gives shape to the land through his work. Nicholls’ mosaicked images of the island of Newfoundland, capture the islander’s way of life, their stoic nature and details of daily life on “The Rock”. Read more
  5. Last Minute Christmas Projects

    Photo captured from How to Make a Christmas Tree Mosaic Brick by EcoHeidi Borchers Last Minute Christmas Projects Time is running short; we are in the countdown to Christmas and closing in on the big day! If you are are looking for a few Christmas-type projects that can be completed quickly we’ve found some easy to execute ideas that might interest you. Today we are featurin... Read more
  6. Good Reads and References

    Good Reads and References This week we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite art books for you. Some focus on the mosaic art-form while others deal with more general information for artists in all genres. A few of these books showcase the works of individual artists. What’s on your bookshelf? We’re interested in what Hobby Island Mosaic clients are currently reading t... Read more
  7. Ed Chapman: Fragmented Reality

    Ed Chapman: Fragmented Reality Picasso (stone tile) ... Photo courtesy of Ed Chapman Lemmy with his portrait ... Photo courtesy of Ed Chapman In his artwork, through focused intent and the careful placement of selected mosaic materials, Ed Chapman creates a fragmented reality that draws the viewer in and invites inspection. “I try to make mosaics,... Read more
  8. Mosaic Portraiture: Past & Present

    Screen capture of portrait by mosaic artist, Ruth Minola Scheibler from the video, UTA ( published on Apr 16, 2012) Mosaic Portraiture: Past & Present Much historical information is gleaned from clues contained in artwork. The time honoured tradition of mosaic portraiture provides us with many tidbits of information about the times in which they were created. These two portraits from ... Read more
  9. Ravenna Mosaico, 2015

    la Porziuncola - Mosaic installation by Felice Nittolo in Basilica San Giovanni Evangelista (Ravenna Mosaico, 2015) Ravenna Mosaico, 2015 Many of you will already know Ravenna, Italy is home to many exquisite, ancient mosaic artworks. Referred to as the capital city of mosaics, Ravenna is also the site of an annual international mosaic festival Ravenna Mosaico . Currently in prog... Read more
  10. Smalto-Filati Micro Mosaics: Beauty in the palm of your hand

    Taking the Grand Tour Micro mosaic artworks were a popular gift purchased by wealthy European travellers from the mid 1600’s through to the middle of the 19 th century. This was the era of the Grand Tour which included a number of celebrated stops along the way. A cultural education was the focus for these travellers of means and a memento of a visit to Rome in particular, was perceived ... Read more
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