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Choose The Right Mosaic Style For You

Friday, 6 October 2017 16:06:32 Europe/London

Mosaic making has become increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why. This creative, inexpensive hobby can be enjoyed by crafters of all levels of ability, and you can make beautiful mosaics wherever you like – there’s no need for lots of special equipment or workshop space. 

One of the things that can be a dilemma, whatever your level of ability and experience, is what colour grouting to choose to go with your mosaic craft tiles. In many ways, of course, it’s a personal decision which you’ll need to base on whatever your vision is for your finished piece. 

One important rule of thumb is to make sure that you contrast the colour of the tiles, to set off the design of your mosaic to the best possible advantage. If the shade of your grouting blends in with the tiles from your mosaic kit, the whole thing will look more like a picture than a mosaic – not the effect you want to create. 

If you choose white grouting, this can seem quite stark, since it tends to draw the eye to the gaps rather than the tiles. However, it can be effective with paler mosaics. 

Something else to be aware of is that the shade of the grout alters as it dries. 

If you are a beginner, particularly, be wary when making use of different coloured grouts on the same mosaic. This can be tricky and fiddly. If you do this, apply the lighter grout first then clean up any edges and cover with masking tape before using the darker one. Be careful that the darker shade doesn’t bleed into the lighter one. 

Especially if you are a more experienced mosaic maker, you could consider changing your grout colour with acrylic paints. But you may want to test this out first. But you can also buy pre-mixed coloured grout, grout colourants, or cement oxides. 

Remember that while grey grout enhances most coloured tesserae, darker shades will unify tesserae of darker shades while separating lighter ones. 

Mosaic Kits from Hobby Island Mosaics 

Hobby Island Mosaics is a supplier of everything you need in your mosaic kit. We supply hobbyists, schools and classes with tiles, tools, glue, grout, kits, bases and pigments. Don’t worry if we don’t have what you need currently in stock - we soon will! We also pride ourselves on the strength of our customer service and on providing a faultless returns service. 

Use our online calculators to work out how much of everything you need, and its size, material and colour, whether you’re after mother of pearl mosaic tiles or anything else. We also have some great online guides giving advice on mosaic making, and a gallery of projects to fire your imagination. 

Product quality is vital to us, and orders are generally received within 24 hours. Through our user-friendly website, and the good relationships we enjoy with our suppliers across the world, we also have an incredibly extensive 

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Mosaic Making: The Basics

Friday, 6 October 2017 16:04:12 Europe/London

Mosaics are made by setting small pieces of material, like tiles or even broken porcelain, together in place so that they form a design. You can use mosaic craft tiles to make something unique on just about any surface, and create a brilliant, simple design with minimal hassle. 

Basic materials

Before you start, it’s get everything together that you need: 

• Mosaic pieces come in a huge range of different materials, so you can have, for example, mosaic mirror tiles, either pre-cut or you can break up materials into small pieces to use yourself. You can use tiles, stone, marble, coloured glass, crockery and even things like beads, buttons, pebbles and shells. 

• Glue to stick each piece of your mosaic in place before you grout it. 

• Grouting to fill in the gaps between the tile pieces. You can buy this stuff in all shades and hues, but choose a contrast colour. This makes the tiles stand out and highlights the details of your design. Bear in mind that the colour of grouting gets lighter as it dries. You can add water-based coloured paint to create varying colours. 

You also need to choose what you are going to decorate. It could be a flat picture, a coaster, a clock face, a lamp or a mirror. 

Other basic tools you’ll need include: 

• A spatula to apply the grout 

• A sponge to wipe the mosaic surface clean and to polish your end result 

• Tile cutters or nippers to cut the materials you are going to use as mosaic pieces

• Safety glasses when breaking up materials as tiles can send small shards flying into your eyes and may shatter. 

All of the above are readily available when you order a mosaic kit for adults online. 

Easy Steps to Follow 

• Choose your base object on to which you will be sticking your mosaic 

• Draw your design outline on the background – take your inspiration from anything you like. 

• Decide on your mosaic pieces, whether they’re pre-cut, cut yourself or broken at random. If the latter, use a towel to protect the surface you are working on. Break pieces in a strong bag with a little hammer to keep all debris safely contained. 

• Use the glue to stick all the pieces of your mosaic where you want them. If pieces are very small, dip tweezers in glue first. And you may want to lay out the mosaic before you stick it down. 

• Grout after the glue has set – use a spatula then a sponge to wipe off any excess. Polish off after you’ve left your design to dry off overnight. 

Everything You Need for the Perfect Mosaic from Hobby Island 

At Hobby Island Mosaics we supply hobbyists, schools and classes, whether, you need tiles, tools, glue, grout, kits, bases or pigments, if we don’t have it, we soon will! We also pride ourselves on excellent customer service and a faultless returns service.

Product quality is also important to us, and orders are generally received within 24 hours. With a user-friendly website, we also have an incredibly extensive network of stock. 

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It is fair to say that the birth of the so-called ‘Digital Age’ has revolutionised the way we all go about our daily lives. Indeed, people today use digital technologies to find their way via GPS; dictate messages to their smartphones, and work remotely when they are far away from the office. However, it isn’t just in terms of business-type functions where digital technology has become the norm.

To be sure, many people (especially children) now use tablets and 'apps' to pursue artistic endeavours like drawing a picture, creating a collage or even playing a musical instrument. Whilst the technology behind this is certainly impressive, it is taking away something from the actual act of creating something with your bare hands. You see; the creations which appear on tablets and smartphones are not real paintings or collages with physical textures - they are simply pixels.

Of course, some people will say ‘same difference’ and think nothing more about it. However, there are other individuals who feel a little differently about the digitalisation of arts and crafts and as such they want to go out of their way to enjoy a good old-fashioned hobby that involves – shockingly - using actual materials.  

The fact that you are reading this article suggests that you may be one such individual.

If you are then you will be pleased to know that you are in the right place as we here at Hobby Island Mosaics are passionate about all old school arts and crafts - especially mosaics.

What’s so Good about Mosaic Crafts?
Arguably the greatest thing about mosaic crafting is that anyone can have a go at it. Without doubt, it is one of the very best ways to get creative and is an ideal choice for anyone who is looking to try something ‘crafty’ that is a little bit different. Moreover, mosaic crafting is also incredibly easy to learn. All you need is a bit of practice and you’ll be well on your way to creating stunning mosaics that can be showed off with pride.

And that’s not all. Unlike some other artistic pursuits, this type of craft hobby can deliver practical benefits too as you can easily create personalised mosaic gifts which your friends and family will love receiving much more than ubiquitous presents.   

Sourcing the Best Mosaic Craft Tiles
Of course, the foundation of any successful craft project lies squarely in having the right supplies at hand. And when it comes to sourcing the very best tiles and associated products for mosaic crafting, you‘ll be pleased to learn that we here at Hobby Island Mosaics have every item you could possibly need to create truly fantastic mosaics. Indeed, we have everything from individual tiles to complete mosaic tile kits readily available so you can be sure we will be able to get your non-digital crafting firing on all cylinders.

To find out more, simply take a few moments to explore our pages further.

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Create Stunning Landscapes With Mosaic Craft Tiles

Friday, 6 October 2017 15:51:07 Europe/London

Mosaics are incredibly versatile materials that are perfect for a range of uses, such as decorating pottery, transforming furniture or creating festive cards. Another fantastic benefit of mosaic tiles is that they can help you create beautiful and unique works of art that onlookers are sure to fall in love with.

Extensive Range of Tiles
Mosaic tiles allow you to embrace your creative side and make something that’s incredibly unique. At Hobby Island, we can provide a diverse range of craft mosaic tiles that can have you creating one-of-a-kind pieces in no time at all. You can choose from an array of tile designs, such as vitreous tiles, glitter tiles, glazed ceramic tiles, unglazed ceramic tiles and more.

The Mosaic Calculator
Whether you want to recreate a classic or modern work of art or produce something new and exciting, our tiles can help you do just that. As well as offering the highest quality mosaic tiles at very competitive prices, we can also provide a helpful calculator to determine how many mosaics you will need for your project, and this will take into account the size of your object and its shape. Therefore, you can trust you will only order what you need and won’t be left with too much or too little.

Mosaic Accessories
In addition to purchasing enviable mosaic tiles from us here at Hobby Island, you can also buy a variety of helpful accessories to help you create your project. We encourage you to browse our diverse products which include universal glue, MDF supports and a variety of tool kits to get you started.

Helpful Advice and Support
If you’re unsure about how to start your landscape project then you should head to our how-to guides that offer a range of advice and support. Here you’ll learn more about how to use glue, grout, tiles and glue, as well as finding out about the best techniques. You can even download pattern templates.

Head to Our Gallery
If you’re looking for some inspiration or want to see some examples of mosaic landscapes, we encourage you to browse our gallery on our website. Once you’ve completed your own landscape, you should ensure you send a picture of your impressive creation to us and our web visitors will vote for the best image. You never know, your landscape could be a winner.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at our craft mosaic tiles today to start creating stunning landscapes or art work.

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Why Making Mosaics Is A Crafty Idea

Friday, 6 October 2017 15:45:03 Europe/London

If you already love crafts but are looking for something to add to your repertoire, and fresh projects to work on, mosaic tile kits could be just the answer.

It’s a hobby that’s increasing in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why.

What does it involve?

The concept is beautiful in its simplicity – you just take simple mosaic tiles and glass bead to fashion artistic creations in a way that’s like putting together a puzzle, with the key difference that you get to choose what every piece looks like!

A variety of surfaces and applications

The great think about mosaic making is that it is something that can be applied to a number of surfaces to make an incredible variety of different things.

With the right adhesive, mosaic tiles and glass beads will stick to just about any backing, so you have the option to create whatever patter you desire, the design only limited by your creativity.

Here are just some of the potential applications (there are plenty of others):  

•    Fountains and birdbaths – Create gorgeous linings for these garden items, and give an outdoor object an artistic flourish. The tiles and beads will stick easily to thinset concrete, or go on the top of a ceramic or concrete fountain or on a birdbath base
•    Flower, pots vases and the like – You can create some amazing designs on vases, while terracotta planters in particular are an excellent surface for mosaic making. All you need is a solid surface that can take the weight of the mosaic materials
•    Pan mats – Make a simple mosaic square pot pad to put a pan on at the dinner table. You can make something that is eight inches squared very quickly, and have something which looks very appealing but also has a practical purpose
•    Table tops – A small bedside table top could make the ideal mosaic art project. You’ll also create a great new surface for your night table at the same time.

Mosaic Tile Kits from Hobby Island

If you’re looking for mosaic tile suppliers, make Hobby Island your first port of call.

We sell everything you could possibly need, from tiles, tools and glue to complete mosaic tile kits. And some of the things we pride ourselves on include:

•    Fast order turnaround time – all orders get same day processing and most customers’ orders are delivered within 24 hours.
•    Our extensive network of global suppliers means that we have an incredibly wide range of tiles in stock.
•    Great customer service and an excellent returns service – not to mention a very user-friendly website
•    Being able to source what a customer needs if we don’t have it currently in stock

And we’re not keen on the sort of mosaic kit where you have to figure everything out yourself. All our kits have full instructions and everything you could possibly need to make them – and they’re also all professionally boxed.

If you don’t think mosaic making is for you, how about giving a kit as a wonderful gift? Learn more online today.

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Mosaic Making: Getting Started

Friday, 6 October 2017 15:34:40 Europe/London

Using mosaic craft tiles to create a vibrant piece of art work is a fantastic arts and crafts project for school children. Not only does it fulfil the role of arts teaching, but it can also be linked to many other areas of the national curriculum, developing various skills in the children who take part.

Develop Skills

Mosaic making is perfect for developing a wide range of skills in school aged children. They can learn everything from team work and creative thinking to improving dexterity. Children love to experiment with art as it allows them to truly express themselves and develop their own ideas and artistic style which is a vital part of their development.

Teaching with Mosaic Crafts

Not only can mosaic making develop new skills in children but it can also be used as a teaching aid for various other subjects in the national curriculum, For example, when calculating the number of tiles needed to fill an area of mosaic, children are developing their maths skills; If they use software to develop their designs, then their ICT skills are being tested and history can even be taught if the long history of mosaic making is explored.

Not only are craft mosaic tiles a fantastic medium for children to work in, but they are also extremely affordable. The average mosaic tile shop in the UK will have special deals on mosaic supplies for schools who are placing a large order, so it is a very cost effective and worthwhile craft to explore in education.

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