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Mosaics: What Can An Ancient Art Teach Modern Children?

Friday, 6 October 2017 16:09:00 Europe/London

Mosaic art is one of the most ancient forms of artistic expression known to man. We’re all very familiar with the concept of Roman mosaics, but the practice is actually much older than the villas we see unearthed on the television. However, what can modern children learn from this ancient art form?

Creating special spaces

The earliest mosaics can be traced back to Ancient China. In those days, they were primarily made from pebbles to form geometric patterns. Slightly later, the Aztecs took mosaics from floors and ceilings and used the concept to decorate ceremonial and religious artefacts and objects, using precious stones. The recurring theme is that mosaics were used to differentiate certain spaces, places and objects from others; they highlighted that they were, somehow, special.

The practice spread to Ancient Greece, although the majority of mosaics still consisted of geometric shapes; it wasn’t until the Romans that we begin to see depictions of mythology, wars and of scenes from everyday life. Without the mosaics left by the Romans, we wouldn’t be as informed about their culture as we are, today.

Using ancient ideas in the modern world

Today, craft specialists believe that teaching children to use mosaics is a great way of communicating the idea that their work can give a lasting record of how they live. In addition to encouraging their abilities to express themselves, it also demands that they look at and observe the world around them, as a historian might. For those who want to comment or record 21st century life in artistic form, using mosaics encourages them to think in ‘snapshot’ terms and decide the aspects of the modern world that are most important or have the greatest impact on them.

Craft teachers are now aware of how mosaic work is also a great way to teach the basics of planning and construction – particularly if it is to be a group endeavour. In addition to creating the initial design, students will have to work out the best and most effective ways to create the picture, working together as a team.

Mosaics might be as old as time, but they still have plenty to teach us in the 21st Century.

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School Mosaic Classes Can Ignite A Passion In Art

Friday, 6 October 2017 16:02:59 Europe/London

While it can be tricky trying to get youngsters to engage with academic subjects like maths and history, you might find no trouble in gaining your pupils’ interest when it comes to arts and crafts. Children love getting their hands dirty and getting stuck into creative projects.

One great option if you’re keen to launch a new art project in your school is mosaic craft tiles. These small, gleaming items can be put together to make impressive pieces of art and kids can’t get enough of them.

Something shiny

One of the reasons why youngsters enjoy picking through these tiles is simply because they’re shiny. As far as young children are concerned, these are an array of precious jewels and so being given the chance to play with them and create mosaics from them is a real treat.

For the best results, make sure you go for really colourful, vibrant tiles. These are particularly effective at capturing little ones’ imaginations. 

Instant results

Also, gluing the tiles down in certain patterns takes no time at all and the results are impressive. Let’s face it, kids aren’t renowned for their patience, so this is another reason why mosaic tile kits make a fabulous addition to school craft cupboards. 

Tie in with other projects

A holistic approach to education, whereby different subjects tie in with one another, is popular in schools now and so it might be a good idea to encourage your pupils to create mosaic artworks that represent the topics you’ve been covering in other subjects in the curriculum.

For example, if you’ve been doing weather in geography, you could help them to create scenes of sunshine or rain. Animals are another great subject, as are different food stuffs. With a little imagination, it’s amazing how many ideas you can come up with.


Mosaics, especially larger ones, tend to be the result of teamwork, so this craft activity provides a great opportunity for you to encourage group collaboration. To heat things up a little, you can introduce an element of competition - pitting different teams against each other. 

However, if you do this, keep a keen lookout to make sure that each pupil has the chance to contribute.

In the spotlight

Kids love having the chance to see their work in the spotlight, and mosaics are ideal for this. You can put the finished results on classroom walls and the best versions might even take pride of place by your entrance or in your hall. 

Parents love to see work being showcased like this too, and the colourful creations help to add cheer and personality to your school. Also, this sort of creativity is bound to make a good impression on any inspectors.

See for yourself

If you’re keen to start making the most of mosaics for children, just take a look around our website here at Hobby Island. We offer an array of fabulous kits and tiles, and should have everything you need. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, just place your order and wait for the items to arrive at your door. It really is that easy.

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Putting Mosaics To Full Use In Schools

Friday, 6 October 2017 15:56:08 Europe/London

Mosaics are a common sight in schools and it’s not hard to see why. Creating patterns and images with craft mosaic tiles is a great project for students to get stuck into. It can bring out youngsters’ creative flare and the finished products look fabulous on school walls and in playgrounds.

The best thing is, it’s now easier than ever to get hold of mosaic supplies. Here at Hobby Island Mosaics we’re experts when it comes to mosaic tile kits and offer an impressive range of items.

Celebrating special events

Your school might want to create a mosaic to celebrate a special event. For example, perhaps an important anniversary is coming up and you’re looking for a way to mark it, or maybe you’re celebrating a new building or facilities.

Creating your very own artwork is the perfect way to commemorate events like this.

A team effort

As well as looking superb, mosaics represent a team effort. In order to achieve the best results, it’s important for students and staff to work together. When people have finished making these colourful, vibrant pieces of art, they can stand back and feel a real sense of achievement and group pride.

There’s no better symbol for school community and cohesion than a collaborative mosaic.

Some ideas

If you’ve never attempted anything like this before, you might feel a little daunted. After all, it can take a little time to really get your creative juices flowing. The good news is, there is plenty of advice available online.

Perhaps you’ll want to create a mosaic featuring your school name and logo. This is a popular choice and it’s not hard to see why. These mosaics can create a superb first impression when people walk into your building and they create an obvious sense of pride.

Alternatively, you may want to focus on topics your pupils have been learning about. For example, if they’ve been finding out about healthy eating, you could create a mosaic featuring the five food groups.

Of course, if the mosaic is intended to mark a particular occasion, you could detail this in your design.

So much choice

Because of the massive variety of tiles available, you can afford to let your imagination run wild. It’s possible to get hold of tiles in all colours, shades, sizes, styles and textures.

By perusing our website, you should quickly find exactly what you’re after. When it comes to mosaic crafts for kids, we’re the go-to provider.

A big jigsaw

Kids tend to see mosaics as a big jigsaw, so it’s important to provide them with a plan to follow. So that they really feel as though the end product is their own work, it helps to get them involved in the initial sketching stage when you’re creating an image to work from.

You might want to run a special design competition. Alternatively, for a more collaborative approach, you can split youngsters up into groups and get them to compose different sections of the mosaic design.

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Encouraging Team Work At School With Mosaics

Friday, 6 October 2017 15:49:07 Europe/London

Kids learn a lot when they start school. As well as developing their abilities in reading, writing and arithmetic, and gaining knowledge in a range of other subjects, it’s important for them to develop their social skills.

For example, as an education provider, you no doubt try to encourage them to get to grips with team work. Being able to work effectively as part of a group is a really important ability and one that comes in useful in the worlds of higher or further education and employment.

The power of art

There are lots of scenarios that involve team work. For example, sports can be great for this. Art is also an effective way to get children to cooperate with one another. Youngsters love reaching for craft sets and getting stuck into creative projects.

If you’re on the lookout for new ideas, it’s well worth checking out the mosaic craft tiles available. These simple little items can be used to magical effect. By combining them in beautiful patterns, students can create impressive, eye-catching designs that you can preserve for posterity.


It’s amazing how quiet and focussed kids become when confronted with these tiles and a design to work from. Whereas normally you might find it tricky to get them to concentrate on their work, when children are given the chance to unleash their artistic skills, they can be instantly captivated.

The best results

To help your pupils achieve the best results, it’s important to supply them with a selection of good quality tiles, and this is where we come in. Here at Hobby Island Mosaics we offer an impressive selection of tiles. In fact, our range is one of the widest on the market today.

As well as providing a superb variety of tiles, including ceramic mosaic tiles and much more, we sell grout, glue, mesh and pigments. Basically, you can see us as your one-stop-shop when it comes to mosaics for children.

Some structure

The great thing about these small, colourful items is the fact that they can be used by children of all ages. However, it’s important to give your pupils manageable tasks, so younger students should be provided with simpler designs to work from, while older kids can attempt more complex tasks.

As a general rule, it’s important to provide some structure. For instance, you might want to come up with a theme for your mosaic with your students, work on a sketch and then plan the design out.

Collective pride

Once the masterpiece is complete, you can display it somewhere suitable. Perhaps you’ll put in a classroom or in your reception area. Alternatively, if you make an outdoor version, it will be on display in the playground.

Being able to see their handiwork gives kids a sense of collective pride and this helps to foster community spirit and boost morale.

Check us out

If you’re intrigued by the mosaic ceramic tiles and other products we have to offer, just take a look around the rest of our website.

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Mosaic Crafting In The Classroom

Friday, 6 October 2017 15:43:33 Europe/London

Many people still believe that mosaics are the preserve of professional artists or decadent building projects.

This is simply not true.

The truth is that anyone can have a go at mosaic crafting as it is a fantastic way to get creative and allow those that want to try something a little bit different to have fun with their imaginations.

This is perhaps why many more schools are now choosing to include mosaic crafts as part of their art classes and topic work projects.

How Mosaic Crafting can Benefit School Children
Using mosaic crafting to create a vibrant piece of art work is a fantastic arts and crafts project for any school aged child. Indeed, mosaic-based projects can get children of all ages interested in art as they are often less restricting than more traditional classes.

Moreover, mosaic making is an ideal activity for children as it enables them to develop a whole range of skills. For example, children will sub-consciously learn how to think creatively and engage their imaginations when they are creating a mosaic project. Furthermore, they will also learn how to function as a member of a team if they are tasked with creating a mosaic as part of a group. Art is one of the best ways of helping children to develop key skills as they often don’t feel as though they are learning in the same way as when they are being taught things like maths and English. Without doubt, children who enjoy their art will develop their own ideas and artistic style without even realising it – and the fact that mosaic crafting is so enjoyable only heightens its ability to help achieve this.

As well as being an invaluable tool for developing new skills in children, mosaic crafting can also be used as a complimentary teaching aid across a number of other subjects in the national curriculum. For instance, children can relate calculating the number of tiles needed to fill an area of mosaic to the work they do in mathematics. Or, if they get the opportunity to play around with computer-aided designs, they will be able to put their ICT skills to the test. Indeed, teachers can even use mosaics to help give their history lessons greater depth and resonance.

Hobby Island Mosaics
If you are a teacher who is keen to include mosaic crafting in your classroom then look no further than us here at Hobby Island Mosaics. As leading suppliers of affordable, high-quality mosaic craft tiles in the UK we are able to provide one of the most comprehensive ranges of mosaic crafting products available on the market today. We only source our products from the world’s leading mosaic tile suppliers, so you can rest assured that you and your pupils will be using some of the most robust and aesthetic mosaic craft items around.

To find out more, make an enquiry or place an order; simply speak to one our customer advisors by calling 0843 289 6764 today.

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Mosaic Making And The National Curriculum

Friday, 6 October 2017 15:31:15 Europe/London

Using mosaic craft tiles to create a vibrant piece of art work is a fantastic arts and crafts project for school children. Not only does it fulfil the role of arts teaching, but it can also be linked to many other areas of the national curriculum, developing various skills in the children who take part.

Develop Skills

Mosaic making is perfect for developing a wide range of skills in school aged children. They can learn everything from team work and creative thinking to improving dexterity. Children love to experiment with art as it allows them to truly express themselves and develop their own ideas and artistic style which is a vital part of their development.

Teaching with Mosaic Crafts

Not only can mosaic making develop new skills in children but it can also be used as a teaching aid for various other subjects in the national curriculum, For example, when calculating the number of tiles needed to fill an area of mosaic, children are developing their maths skills; If they use software to develop their designs, then their ICT skills are being tested and history can even be taught if the long history of mosaic making is explored.

Not only are craft mosaic tiles a fantastic medium for children to work in, but they are also extremely affordable. The average mosaic tile shop in the UK will have special deals on mosaic supplies for schools who are placing a large order, so it is a very cost effective and worthwhile craft to explore in education.

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