Getting started with mosaics

  1. Choose The Right Mosaic Style For You

    Mosaic making has become increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why. This creative, inexpensive hobby can be enjoyed by crafters of all levels of ability, and you can make beautiful mosaics wherever you like – there’s no need for lots of special equipment or workshop space. One of the things that can be a dilemma, whatever your level of ability and experience, is w... Read more
  2. Mosaic Making: The Basics

    Mosaics are made by setting small pieces of material, like tiles or even broken porcelain, together in place so that they form a design. You can use mosaic craft tiles to make something unique on just about any surface, and create a brilliant, simple design with minimal hassle. Basic materials Before you start, it’s get everything together that you need: • Mosaic pieces come ... Read more
  3. Why Mosaic Crafting Is The Perfect Antidote To Digitally Created Artistic Endeavours

    It is fair to say that the birth of the so-called ‘Digital Age’ has revolutionised the way we all go about our daily lives. Indeed, people today use digital technologies to find their way via GPS; dictate messages to their smartphones, and work remotely when they are far away from the office. However, it isn’t just in terms of business-type functions where digital technology has ... Read more
  4. Create Stunning Landscapes With Mosaic Craft Tiles

    Mosaics are incredibly versatile materials that are perfect for a range of uses, such as decorating pottery, transforming furniture or creating festive cards. Another fantastic benefit of mosaic tiles is that they can help you create beautiful and unique works of art that onlookers are sure to fall in love with. Extensive Range of Tiles Mosaic tiles allow you to embrace your creative side and m... Read more
  5. Why Making Mosaics Is A Crafty Idea

    If you already love crafts but are looking for something to add to your repertoire, and fresh projects to work on, mosaic tile kits could be just the answer. It’s a hobby that’s increasing in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. What does it involve? The concept is beautiful in its simplicity – you just take simple mosaic tiles and glass bead to fashion artistic cre... Read more
  6. Mosaic Making: Getting Started

    Using mosaic craft tiles to create a vibrant piece of art work is a fantastic arts and crafts project for school children. Not only does it fulfil the role of arts teaching, but it can also be linked to many other areas of the national curriculum, developing various skills in the children who take part. Develop Skills Mosaic making is perfect for developing a wide range of skills in school a... Read more
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