The History of Mosaics.

  1. The Mosaic Art of Pompeii

    The Mosaic Art of Pompeii

    Mosaics were used at least as far back as 400 BC, as is evidenced by the existing tiles that adorned the great palace floors of Pella in Greece, the birthplace of Alexander the Great. Fast forward a few centuries later, in AD 79, Pompeii and several other Roman communes were tragically covered in a thick layer of ash when Mount Vesuvius, now nicknamed the 'Sleeping Giant' by locals, infamously erupted. One upside to the disaster from a historical standpoint was that the ash preserved large areas in the vicinity and many of the mosaic works of art that were recovered can still be seen to this very day. The mosaics are displayed on-site, in Pompeii itself, and at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.

    Mosaics from this era give a real insight into Roman life and the depictions are as intricate and impressive as they are varied. Perhaps one of the quirkiest examples is this commemorative pot of fish sauce, which ancient Romans called 'garum', displayed

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  2. Ravenna Mosaico, 2015

    la Porziuncola - Mosaic installation by Felice Nittolo in Basilica San Giovanni Evangelista (Ravenna Mosaico, 2015) Ravenna Mosaico, 2015 Many of you will already know Ravenna, Italy is home to many exquisite, ancient mosaic artworks. Referred to as the capital city of mosaics, Ravenna is also the site of an annual international mosaic festival Ravenna Mosaico . Currently in prog... Read more
  3. Mosaic Art in Public Spaces

    Mosaic Art in Public Spaces The mosaic art form lends itself well to the public domain. From monumental sculptural installations to finely detailed smaller works that adorn window sills and decorate plazas; the durability of mosaic materials make this art form a common choice for artworks that are installed in public spaces. Mosaics have stood the test of time as witnessed in the famous Bibi Xa... Read more
  4. The Vatican Mosaics: Paintings for Eternity

    If you’ve been lucky enough to visit Vatican City then you know that intricate and beautiful mosaics cover many of the floors and hallways as well as adorning walls and ceilings everywhere. They are a sight to behold and truly inspiring. Most would agree that the mosaics of St. Peter’s Basilica are particularly stunning. Photo courtesy of Arpingstone via Wikimedia Commons St. ... Read more
  5. A Brief History Of Mosaics

    Here at Hobby Island Mosaics we’re passionate about the craft of mosaic art. It isn’t a recent phenomenon and we want everyone to appreciate this art form and where it came from, so we thought we’d spark some interest by giving you a brief overview of the history of mosaics… What is a mosaic? A mosaic is an image created by assembling small pieces of glass, ceramic, ... Read more
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