Mosaic Techniques

  1. Backsplash!


    The mosaic backsplash is a design idea that easily lends itself to Kitchen renovation projects. As well thoughtful mosaic images, patterns and designs can add a splash of colour and a visual focal point to any bathroom space. An original mosaic backsplash may be exactly the thing your kitchen or bathroom remodelling project needs. If committing yourself to a particular design is slowing you down on tackling a backsplash project read on …

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  2. Last Minute Christmas Projects

    Photo captured from How to Make a Christmas Tree Mosaic Brick by EcoHeidi Borchers Last Minute Christmas Projects Time is running short; we are in the countdown to Christmas and closing in on the big day! If you are are looking for a few Christmas-type projects that can be completed quickly we’ve found some easy to execute ideas that might interest you. Today we are featurin... Read more
  3. Mosaic Portraiture: Past & Present

    Screen capture of portrait by mosaic artist, Ruth Minola Scheibler from the video, UTA ( published on Apr 16, 2012) Mosaic Portraiture: Past & Present Much historical information is gleaned from clues contained in artwork. The time honoured tradition of mosaic portraiture provides us with many tidbits of information about the times in which they were created. These two portraits from ... Read more
  4. Smalto-Filati Micro Mosaics: Beauty in the palm of your hand

    Taking the Grand Tour Micro mosaic artworks were a popular gift purchased by wealthy European travellers from the mid 1600’s through to the middle of the 19 th century. This was the era of the Grand Tour which included a number of celebrated stops along the way. A cultural education was the focus for these travellers of means and a memento of a visit to Rome in particular, was perceived ... Read more
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