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  1. Hobbies & Improving Mental Health

    Hobbies & Improving Mental Health

    Everyone needs a bit of ‘me’ time, a chance to escape doing a hobby they enjoy. Now, perhaps more than ever, issues surrounding mental health have been at the forefront of the media. Due to the heightened stress and anxiety that the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has brought upon the nation, this important topic is now getting the publicity it deserves and there are things we can do to combat the stress and strains of everyday life. Harvard Health information even suggests that long-term health benefits of participating in hobbies can include an overall lower blood pressure and lower levels of long-term stress.

    Other studies show that participating in hobbies are a great way to feel positive and healthy and achieve a sense of well-being. This is certainly one way people are rallying during these trying times. Creative hobbies, such as mosaic art, stimulate the brain to release endorphins. Endorphins are the chemicals produced by the body to relieve stress and pai

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  2. Get Creative In Your Home With Mosaic Tiles

    It can take a lot to make a house feel like a home. There are lots of products available these days that you can add to your property to enhance its appearance, but many of these lack that truly individual and special feel. However, if you’re feeling a little creative, there’s an easy way to add some individuality to your four walls and that’s by investing in some fabulous mos... Read more
  3. Fantastic Creations With Mosaic Tiles

    Mosaic tiles open the door to many creative projects, as they’re perfect for customising furniture, mirrors, pottery, plates and creating stunning murals. The options are endless with tiles and they can really help you add a touch of personality to your home. So, if you are looking for some helpful tips on some fantastic projects, you should read the following ideas. Personalise Your F... Read more
  4. Get Creative With Mosaic Tiles For The Bathroom

    Mosaic tiles are becoming an increasingly popular option for decorating the home, as they offer a touch of character and style to a modern or traditionally styled room. Featured in many house decorating magazines and a favourite of many interior designers, mosaic craft tiles allow you to get creative in the home and create something you can be very proud of. We’re a leading mosaic tile shop ... Read more
  5. Get Crafty With Mosaic Tiles

    Mosaics have been around for centuries, but these days they don’t have to be reserved for opulent buildings or professional artists—anyone can have a go at a bit of mosaic crafting, with it being a fantastic way to get creative and the perfect choice for those that want to try something a little bit different. Craft projects at home Sometimes you can’t beat a good craft pro... Read more
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