Mosaics in Schools

  1. Mosaics: What Can An Ancient Art Teach Modern Children?

    Mosaic art is one of the most ancient forms of artistic expression known to man. We’re all very familiar with the concept of Roman mosaics, but the practice is actually much older than the villas we see unearthed on the television. However, what can modern children learn from this ancient art form? Creating special spaces The earliest mosaics can be traced back to Ancient China. ... Read more
  2. School Mosaic Classes Can Ignite A Passion In Art

    While it can be tricky trying to get youngsters to engage with academic subjects like maths and history, you might find no trouble in gaining your pupils’ interest when it comes to arts and crafts. Children love getting their hands dirty and getting stuck into creative projects. One great option if you’re keen to launch a new art project in your school is mosaic craft tiles. Thes... Read more
  3. Putting Mosaics To Full Use In Schools

    Mosaics are a common sight in schools and it’s not hard to see why. Creating patterns and images with craft mosaic tiles is a great project for students to get stuck into. It can bring out youngsters’ creative flare and the finished products look fabulous on school walls and in playgrounds. The best thing is, it’s now easier than ever to get hold of mosaic supplies. Here at ... Read more
  4. Encouraging Team Work At School With Mosaics

    Kids learn a lot when they start school. As well as developing their abilities in reading, writing and arithmetic, and gaining knowledge in a range of other subjects, it’s important for them to develop their social skills. For example, as an education provider, you no doubt try to encourage them to get to grips with team work. Being able to work effectively as part of a group is a really ... Read more
  5. Mosaic Crafting In The Classroom

    Many people still believe that mosaics are the preserve of professional artists or decadent building projects. This is simply not true. The truth is that anyone can have a go at mosaic crafting as it is a fantastic way to get creative and allow those that want to try something a little bit different to have fun with their imaginations. This is perhaps why many more schools are now choosing to i... Read more
  6. Mosaic Making And The National Curriculum

    Using mosaic craft tiles to create a vibrant piece of art work is a fantastic arts and crafts project for school children. Not only does it fulfil the role of arts teaching, but it can also be linked to many other areas of the national curriculum, developing various skills in the children who take part. Develop Skills Mosaic making is perfect for developing a wide range of skills in school a... Read more
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