Tile Types and Specifications

  1. What Are Micro Mosaics?

    Micro mosaics (also spelt micromosaics) are a special form of this craft using particularly small pieces of glass, or, in later Italian pieces, an enamel-type material, to create images. Some micro mosaic examples survive from ancient Roman times, and they were also fashioned during the Renaissance period in Italy, and reached the height of their popularity in the middle of the 1800s. A Vatic... Read more
  2. What Are Vitreous Tiles?

    Vitreous tiles are made of glass and are designed to absorb under 3% moisture. They are also occasionally called frost-resistant tiles. Although they can be used outside, if they are used in conditions which freeze and then thaw, they may crack. Because they tend to be laid densely, and have compression strength, they are often used on floors. But vitreous glass is also frequently used in craft... Read more
  3. Bring Past To Present With Millefiori

    Millefiori is a popular glasswork technique used to create distinctive, colourful and decorative patterns on glassware, ranging from handmade jewellery and fashion items to ornamental decor for the home. It’s estimated that the technique originated in Ancient Roman times, with evidence of millefiori tiles traced back to as early as the 7th century. The technical knowledge required to crea... Read more
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