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Craft Fans Creating Second Income Online And In Pop Up Stands

The UK has always been a nation of entrepreneurs and small business ventures. And it seems our fair shores are also home to a nation of craft fans looking to bring in a second income from their wares!

This is Money recently reported on the number of Brits looking to boost their monthly income with a little part-time entrepreneurial venture. Many of these savvy folks are using very modern methods to start up businesses on the side. They're not expecting their second job to pay all the bills, just to bring in that precious little extra that can make all the difference. And what does this have to do with our craft mosaic tiles? Well, a lot of Brits are using their craft skills to sell products either via online stores or pop up stands. And they're mostly ladies. 85% more women start up second job ventures than men!

Going Online

Setting up a website to sell your crafts has never been easier. There are plenty of free website builders out there. They're not ideal long-term but can be great for fledgeling entrepreneurs testing the water.

Pop Up Stands 

School fetes, Christmas markets, on the front doorstep, car boot sales – pop up stands are great if you want to sell a small amount of merchandise or just see if there's a market for what you're making. Some big brands started out this way, including Innocent Smoothies (they sold drinks at music festivals to test the market)

In our industry, creativity and ingenuity are to be celebrated. Our mosaic tile shop is designed to help out both hobby and trade buyers looking create beautiful things. So why not make good use of your artistic side and see if your mosaic creations could boost your salary?

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