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All About That Base

When deciding what base to choose you need to ask yourself where you want your mosaic to go and what you want it to do. Inside or outside? 2D o 3D? Practical or decorative?

Most mosaics are on wooden bases using interior grade wood. These can be weather-proofed using a few layers of yacht varnish but ideally, exterior grade wood should be used and varnished.

If you would like your mosaic to be 3D then ceramic or polystyrene shapes are ideal to use with mosaic. More advanced mosaicists may choose to create their own base using wire and plaster of paris soaked bandage.

Where it isn't possible or practical to work directly onto a wall or ceiling, we suggest working onto fibre-glass mesh initially then installing your mosaic when dry. 

Here at Hobby Island we sell a huge quantity of ready made bases for you to choose from and make your creative journey as easy and enjoyable as possible - check out our full range under 'Kits and Bases'.