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All About Tools

It can be daunting when starting out to know which equipment to use but don't worry, we have you covered!

For cutting glass tiles we suggest a wheeled cutter. The wheels can be turned on a regular basis to ensure sharp, clean cuts. You can eventually replace just the wheels when they become too dull. This is a staple tool in a mosaic artists kit and one that they will use time and again. 

If you are cutting sheets of glass, then an oil-carbide glass cutter is required to score the glass and a tile snapper to accurately break the glass. These tools go hand-in-hand and, with practise, you will find that complicated shapes and sizes can be hand-cut this way. 

For cutting ceramic tiles we suggest a tile nipper or side biter. Wheeled cutters can also be used but the wheels would need to be changed more regularly as ceramic causes the wheels to go blunt quickly.

Traditionally a hammer and hardie is used for cutting marble and Smalti. The hardie is a chiseled piece of metal which is lodged into a solid wooden base, where the weight and momentum of the hammer easily splits solid materials.

Tabletop tile cutters or wet saws are perfect to use for cutting larger tesserae.

Using all-new products, it is very much a case of practise makes perfect- don't get too disheartened if tiles don't cut exactly the way you intended initially. You will find that in time, you will find a way of holding the tool that works for you and before long you will be making perfect and precise cuts! 

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