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Last Minute Christmas Projects

Last Minute Christmas Projects 

Time is running short; we are in the countdown to Christmas and closing in on the big day! If you are are looking for a few Christmas-type projects that can be completed quickly we’ve found some easy to execute ideas that might interest you. Today we are featuring three mosaic projects we found on YouTube.

Christmas Tree Mosaic Brick

The Christmas tree door-stop shown above was made by Heidi Borchers, who demonstrates her method of decorating an ordinary brick using mosaic tiles in this video. Featured on Cool2Craft TV the video is now available on YouTube and gives clear step-by-step instructions on creating a doorstop that can be used either outside or inside. Borcher uses a simple Christmas tree silhouette but really, you can use your own design when customizing this last minute Christmas project.

Mosaic Ornament

Here’s a great use for an old scratched CD or a blank new one. These Christmas ornaments are made using scissors, glue, a blank (or used) CD, a few glittery rhinestones and a cheap clear plastic ornament. It’s easy to make several in one sitting and the end result is so pretty you can give them away as hostess gifts during the holiday season. This do-it-yourself video by Aim to Create, found on YouTube gives a short, well-structured and clear set of instructions that are easy to follow.

Christmas Coaster

This is another project that can be completed quickly and the end result is a useful item you will be pleased to unpack when Christmas rolls around each year. It’s also a great way to use up the left-over bits of tile that most of us have kicking around the studio or home workspace.

Perhaps this could be a yearly project with a new coaster being added to the collection each Christmas season. For best results cover the back of your coasters with felt.

Mosaic Garden Stepping Stone

The last project we are featuring today is a Mosaic Stepping Stone for the garden. It’s another brain-child of the prolific DIY specialist, Heidi Borchers (also known as EcoHeidiBorchers). In this video, she shows how to cut, glue, grout and clean a mosaic stepping stone. This project was also featured on Cool2Craft TV. Now the YouTube video for this project is longer than the others in this article and in truth, the stepping stone will also take a little longer to complete. But we still think there’s time to get it done before Christmas arrives plus; it’s a hand-made gift most gardeners would love to receive!

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