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Mosaic Making And The National Curriculum

Using mosaic craft tiles to create a vibrant piece of art work is a fantastic arts and crafts project for school children. Not only does it fulfil the role of arts teaching, but it can also be linked to many other areas of the national curriculum, developing various skills in the children who take part.

Develop Skills:

Mosaic making is perfect for developing a wide range of skills in school aged children. They can learn everything from team work and creative thinking to improving dexterity. Children love to experiment with art as it allows them to truly express themselves and develop their own ideas and artistic style which is a vital part of their development.

Teaching with Mosaic Crafts:

Not only can mosaic making develop new skills in children but it can also be used as a teaching aid for various other subjects in the national curriculum, For example, when calculating the number of tiles needed to fill an area of mosaic, children are developing their maths skills; If they use software to develop their designs, then their ICT skills are being tested and history can even be taught if the long history of mosaic making is explored.

Not only are craft mosaic tiles a fantastic medium for children to work in, but they are also extremely affordable. The average mosaic tile shop in the UK will have special deals on mosaic supplies for schools who are placing a large order, so it is a very cost effective and worthwhile craft to explore in education.

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