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Ceramic Triangles Mix - Sunny

SKU ctatrxsunny-50g

The perfect addition to our range of high-fired ceramic tesserae. The high gloss ceramic triangles are 15mm on each side and 5mm thick, giving maximum flexibility in combination with each other or other ceramic forms or even our Winckelmans porcelain or Mosa tiles. Combine 2 to make diamonds, 3 for trapezoids and 6 for hexagons. The 60° angle means that they can be placed side-by-side to create straight lines or offset to create curved lines with no nipping. Excellent for borders, outlines, infill, or detailing. Seal the back side before use in extreme weather.

*Glazed Ceramic Triangles
*Equilateral: 15x15x15mm
*50g = ±45 pieces
*500g =±475 pieces
*5mm thick
*High-fired ceramic
*Can be cut with wheeled nippers

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