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Glitter Shapes Loose - Rainbow Ice

SKU vgabxrnbwic-100g

  • Irregularly shaped moulded glass with brilliant colour and sheen
  • Highly recommended for children.
  • The pieces vary in size from 11-25 mm and are smooth edged and rounded.
  • Glitter backed clear glass tiles.
  • Loose.
  • Not suitable for outdoor use.
  • 100g contains approximately 60pcs
  • 500g contains approximately 300pcs
  • 1kg contains approximately 600pcs

*1kg (±350 pieces)
*10mm - 25mm
*3mm thick
*1m² = ±7kg
*Dimensions are approximate
*Multi-colour mix of:
+ 33% 10mm squares
+ 33% 15mm squares
+ 33% 12mm triangles
*Colour applied to backside
*Sealed against chipping
*UVA-resistant in indirect sunlight
*Fading may occur in direct sunlight
*Recommended for indoor use only
*Cut with wheeled nippers if desired

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