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Ceramic Rectangles Mix - Blossom

SKU ctarcblos-50g

The building block of mosaics since the beginning of the art was the square; and next came the rectangle. Edging, outlining, and detail were formed by painstakingly cutting squares into rectangles. Now we have done the hard work for you with our molded, formed, and glazed rectangle mix in low-fired ceramic. The longest is 20mm and the shortest is 10mm so that you will always find one that works in your project. The mix is made up of:
4mm x 10mm • 6mm x 15mm • 10mm x 20mm. All are 4mm thick. These are not suitable for outdoors unless they are sealed on the back first.

*Glazed Ceramic Rectangles
*Mixed dimensions:
*4mm x 10mm
*6mm x 15mm
*10mm x 20mm
*All 4mm thick
*+/- 120 pieces per 100g
*Low fired Ceramic
*UVA resistant
*Easy to cut

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