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Glass Nuggets - Yellow Marble

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Our collection of glass gems or nuggets is very broad and we buy from many different suppliers. This means that different suppliers have different sizes as their standard. The process for making these nuggets is to drop molten glass on a conveyor belt into a linear kiln thus the speed of the drop, the fluidity of the molten glass and the movement of the belt can affect the size and shape of the nugget as well as the clarity and colour. Therefore please be aware that each delivery can have significant variation in colour, size, transparency and finish. We use a rule of thumb for separating these products into mini or regular. Drops that are between 10-14mm are considered mini and drops from 15-22mm are considered standard. Because of the size variation we cannot say with precision how many pieces are in 100g it may be as few as 20 or as many as 30.
Yellow Marble - Glass Nuggets

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