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Glue - 24ml Adhere universal

SKU gl24uni

This amazing glue is made by the Swiss chemical giant Lascaux and is the go-to glue for glass on glass work but it can be used as a general purpose craft glue for small and delicate art pieces as well as multimedia collages

Based on a chemical acrylic bond it is water soluble when wet but waterproof when dry. Extremely fluid a little goes a very long way and therefore is very cost-effective. it shrinks and dries transparent with a hard glass like brilliance so can be used in place of resin-based epoxies.

  • MacGlue formulation for less than 1/2 the price
  • Superior bonding
  • Best glue for glass-on-glass work
  • Excellent craft glue for small or delicate projects
  • Shrinks when dry leaving room for grout
  • Extremely fluid, so very cost-effective
  • May be used for all multimedia
  • All weather and UVA resistant
  • Dries super transparent

Please Note

This glue is not suitable for non-stick surfaces such as plastics or Teflon. Water resistance is achieved by curing, fresh bonds will not be waterfast.

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