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Inka Gold - Gloss Paint- Green/yellow

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Viva Decor Inka Gold is a water-based, rub-on metallic wax paste which is available in a rainbow of colours.

They can be diluted with water and used like watercolour paints creating gradients and marbling. Apply with a sponge, brush or your finger.

  • Apply Inka Gold wax paste thinly with a dry sponge, damp brush (for intricate detailed areas), soft cloth or a finger, in a circular motion.
  • As the colour is applied, polish it with a soft dry cloth to intensify the shine.
  • Build up the colour intensity or introduce blends of colour by applying more layers of paste.
  • To avoid contaminating colours and to secure the storage life of the wax paste remove the amount of paste as needed from the jar with a clean pallet knife or wooden stick.
  • For the best long term protection seal with Inka Gold varnish
  • Clean up with soap and water.
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