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Soft Glass Puzzles - Charcoal Grey 1kg


Irregularly shaped, molded glass tiles made from recycled float glass with a colour film bonded to the back. Smooth, rounded edges make them an excellent choice for children's projects (ages 3+ with appropriate supervision). No cutting required, but should you want to, wheeled nippers are the right tool. NOT UV-resistant. Suitable for indoor projects out of direct sunlight. Each piece varies in size from 10-25mm and is 3mm thick.

*1kg (±350 pieces)
*10mm - 25mm
*3mm thick
*1m² = ±7kg
*Dimensions are approximate
*Mix of:
+ 33% 10mm squares
+ 33% 15mm squares
+ 33% 12mm triangles
*Colour applied to backside
*Sealed against chipping
*UVA-resistant in indirect sunlight
*Fading may occur in direct sunlight
*Recommended for indoor use only
*Cut with wheeled nippers if desired

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