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Mounting adhesive film - 10cm Piece

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  • Tile Tape is easy to use: simply peel it off the roll and apply; no release paper to pull off and discard; no glueing is necessary.
  • No heat gun or apparatus is needed to apply Tile Tape thus saving energy and money.
  • Excellent strength characteristics: Tile Tape is very hard to tear or stretch.
  • Self-levelling: eliminates the different levels in the surface created by stone and tile pieces of differing thicknesses.
  • It is crystal clear so the installer can see the tile pattern while installing.
  • Thinset/mortar curing: Tile Tape breathes so it will allow the thinset to cure/dry; no need to perforate the Tape. It is important to let the thinset or mortar dry for as long as the manufacturer suggests.
  • The adhesive is water resistant so it will not lose adhesion while at the workplace due to accidental exposure to water.
  • 100% adhesion of tile back to mortar.
  • Sold in rolls 10cm wide and 10m Long
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