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Winckelmans 50x50mm - Anthracite

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Sheet of 36 double fired French porcelain tiles, each 50x50x5mm. Extremely durable with an impervious matte finish. These tiles are a larger version of the 20mm mosaic tiles and are therefore thicker. This makes them very durable and particularly suitable for floors. The Mini Tile Cutter is a great tool to cut these tiles down into different shapes and/or use the Porcelain Mosaic nipper to cut them to size. NB it is useful to seal these tiles with LTP Mattstone (see Tools and Equipment) to enhance their natural colours and reduce staining. LTP Mattstone, beeswax or petroleum jelly should be used prior to grouting to prevent a shadow of grout colour remaining on the tiles.
Anthracite 50x50mm

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