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Winckelmans 50x50mm - Lin

SKU ctagdlin50#9

Excellent double fired ceramic tiles, extremely durable with an impervious matte finish.

Choose from 9 tiles or a whole sheet of 36 tiles.

  • Each tile is 50x50x5mm.
  • Thicker than the 20mm Winckelman tiles.
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors.
  • Suitable for floors, stepping stones, wet areas.
  • Cut using wheeled nippers or Rubi nippers.
  • Whole sheet measures 30x30cm
  • Whole sheet weighs 1020g
  • 10.4 sheets = 1m2

    Please Note: LTP Mattstone, beeswax or petroleum jelly should be used prior to grouting to prevent a shadow of grout colour from remaining on the tiles.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Wincklemans 50mm tiles

    I bought these tiles to cut up and create mosaics. They are absolutely beautiful. The 20mm are easier to cut, but the 50mm are not too bad, I just wouldn’t want to use them all the time as they are slightly harder on the hands. The colours are lovely, they are pastel shades and complement each other. They are not vibrant, but in elegant muted shades that create works with a subtlety of colour. I absolutely love them. Perfect for a cottage garden feel mosaic.