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Choose The Right Mosaic Style For You

Mosaic making has become increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why. This creative, inexpensive hobby can be enjoyed by crafters of all levels of ability, and you can make beautiful mosaics wherever you like – there’s no need for lots of special equipment or workshop space. 

One of the things that can be a dilemma, whatever your level of ability and experience, is what colour grouting to choose to go with your mosaic craft tiles. In many ways, of course, it’s a personal decision which you’ll need to base on whatever your vision is for your finished piece. 

One important rule of thumb is to make sure that you contrast the colour of the tiles, to set off the design of your mosaic to the best possible advantage. If the shade of your grouting blends in with the tiles from your mosaic kit, the whole thing will look more like a picture than a mosaic – not the effect you want to create. 

If you choose white grouting, this can seem quite stark, since it tends to draw the eye to the gaps rather than the tiles. However, it can be effective with paler mosaics. 

Something else to be aware of is that the shade of the grout alters as it dries. 

If you are a beginner, particularly, be wary when making use of different coloured grouts on the same mosaic. This can be tricky and fiddly. If you do this, apply the lighter grout first then clean up any edges and cover with masking tape before using the darker one. Be careful that the darker shade doesn’t bleed into the lighter one. 

Especially if you are a more experienced mosaic maker, you could consider changing your grout colour with acrylic paints. But you may want to test this out first. But you can also buy pre-mixed coloured grout, grout colourants, or cement oxides. 

Remember that while grey grout enhances most coloured tesserae, darker shades will unify tesserae of darker shades while separating lighter ones. 


Mosaic Kits from Hobby Island Mosaics 

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