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What Are Micro Mosaics?

Micro mosaics (also spelt micromosaics) are a special form of this craft using particularly small pieces of glass, or, in later Italian pieces, an enamel-type material, to create images. Some micro mosaic examples survive from ancient Roman times, and they were also fashioned during the Renaissance period in Italy, and reached the height of their popularity in the middle of the 1800s.

A Vatican Mosaic Studio was established from 1576 to create mosaic replicas of the altarpieces in Rome’s St Peter’s Basilica. And micromosaics were eagerly snapped up by those doing the Grand Tour, the upper-class custom of travelling across Europe that was popular from around 1660 until the mid-1800s, because these mosaics could easily be taken back home.

One distinctive characteristic of micromosaics is that their individual tiles tend to be rectangular rather than squared. And there are sometimes thousands of tesserae or tiles in every square inch.

Micromosaic Jewellery

Around the time when Grand Tours were most popular, those in wealthy European families would commission their own mosaics and wear them as jewellery or send them home as an early form of postcard. Jewellery typically depicted famous Italian landmarks, although sometimes items showed aspects of Roman mythology.

Today, the best micro collections are to be found in the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg Russia, and the Gilbert Collection in London, while Asia has also been the producer of a number of present-day examples, thanks to the use of modern precision machinery.

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