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School Mosaic Classes Can Ignite A Passion In Art

While it can be tricky trying to get youngsters to engage with academic subjects like maths and history, you might find no trouble in gaining your pupils’ interest when it comes to arts and crafts. Children love getting their hands dirty and getting stuck into creative projects.

One great option if you’re keen to launch a new art project in your school is mosaic craft tiles. These small, gleaming items can be put together to make impressive pieces of art and kids can’t get enough of them.


Something shiny

One of the reasons why youngsters enjoy picking through these tiles is simply because they’re shiny. As far as young children are concerned, these are an array of precious jewels and so being given the chance to play with them and create mosaics from them is a real treat.

For the best results, make sure you go for really colourful, vibrant tiles. These are particularly effective at capturing little ones’ imaginations. 


Instant results

Also, gluing the tiles down in certain patterns takes no time at all and the results are impressive. Let’s face it, kids aren’t renowned for their patience, so this is another reason why mosaic tile kits make a fabulous addition to school craft cupboards. 


Tie in with other projects 

A holistic approach to education, whereby different subjects tie in with one another, is popular in schools now and so it might be a good idea to encourage your pupils to create mosaic artworks that represent the topics you’ve been covering in other subjects in the curriculum.

For example, if you’ve been doing weather in geography, you could help them to create scenes of sunshine or rain. Animals are another great subject, as are different food stuffs. With a little imagination, it’s amazing how many ideas you can come up with.



Mosaics, especially larger ones, tend to be the result of teamwork, so this craft activity provides a great opportunity for you to encourage group collaboration. To heat things up a little, you can introduce an element of competition - pitting different teams against each other. 

However, if you do this, keep a keen lookout to make sure that each pupil has the chance to contribute.


In the spotlight

Kids love having the chance to see their work in the spotlight, and mosaics are ideal for this. You can put the finished results on classroom walls and the best versions might even take pride of place by your entrance or in your hall. 

Parents love to see work being showcased like this too, and the colourful creations help to add cheer and personality to your school. Also, this sort of creativity is bound to make a good impression on any inspectors.


See for yourself

If you’re keen to start making the most of mosaics for children, just take a look around our website here at Hobby Island. We offer an array of fabulous kits and tiles, and should have everything you need. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, just place your order and wait for the items to arrive at your door. It really is that easy.

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