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What Are Vitreous Tiles?

Vitreous tiles are made of glass and are designed to absorb under 3% moisture. They are also occasionally called frost-resistant tiles. Although they can be used outside, if they are used in conditions which freeze and then thaw, they may crack.

Because they tend to be laid densely, and have compression strength, they are often used on floors. But vitreous glass is also frequently used in craft mosaics and can add a splash of colour to any room – they are no longer confined to kitchens and bathrooms as they once were. (However, they are ideal where water resistance is needed.)

Vitreous glass mosaic tiles can also be a good choice in heavy traffic areas like home entrances, given their durable, non-slip surfaces. (However, given their soft protective glaze, not all of these tiles are appropriate for flooring applications.)

These tiles are very hardwearing, and UVA-resistant, and can be used without cutting, making them very suitable for craft sessions with younger people, or for those who have less experience of mosaic making.

Vitreous mosaic tiles come in sheets which may be mounted on to walls directly and are an elegant looking alternative to other kinds of wall coverings.
These tiles usually comes in sheets, glued to a paper backing which means the tiles can be easily installed wherever you want them to go. If you remove the paper, you can work with the tiles individually, and finish the tile job using grout.

Removing Paper from Uninstalled Tiles:

Place the sheets of mosaic tiles in a bucket of hot, soapy water, and allow them to soak for a couple of hours. Afterwards, the paper should lift away easily from the tiles. But, if it doesn’t, just give them another hour’s soaking before trying again.

If tiles have already been installed, use a damp sponge to moisten the paper that is on the top of the installed tiles. Let it soak in for a few minutes, then peel away, working in a diagonal direction from one corner to an opposite one. Try soaking again for a few more minutes if it doesn’t come away at first.

Mosaic Tiles from Hobby Island:

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There’s more online.

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