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Why Making Mosaics Is A Crafty Idea

If you already love crafts but are looking for something to add to your repertoire, and fresh projects to work on, mosaic tile kits could be just the answer.

It’s a hobby that’s increasing in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why.

What does it involve?

The concept is beautiful in its simplicity – you just take simple mosaic tiles and glass bead to fashion artistic creations in a way that’s like putting together a puzzle, with the key difference that you get to choose what every piece looks like!

A variety of surfaces and applications

The great think about mosaic making is that it is something that can be applied to a number of surfaces to make an incredible variety of different things.

With the right adhesive, mosaic tiles and glass beads will stick to just about any backing, so you have the option to create whatever patter you desire, the design only limited by your creativity.

Here are just some of the potential applications (there are plenty of others):  

•    Fountains and birdbaths – Create gorgeous linings for these garden items, and give an outdoor object an artistic flourish. The tiles and beads will stick easily to thinset concrete, or go on the top of a ceramic or concrete fountain or on a birdbath base
•    Flower, pots vases and the like – You can create some amazing designs on vases, while terracotta planters in particular are an excellent surface for mosaic making. All you need is a solid surface that can take the weight of the mosaic materials
•    Pan mats – Make a simple mosaic square pot pad to put a pan on at the dinner table. You can make something that is eight inches squared very quickly, and have something which looks very appealing but also has a practical purpose
•    Table tops – A small bedside table top could make the ideal mosaic art project. You’ll also create a great new surface for your night table at the same time.

Mosaic Tile Kits from Hobby Island

If you’re looking for mosaic tile suppliers, make Hobby Island your first port of call.

We sell everything you could possibly need, from tiles, tools and glue to complete mosaic tile kits. And some of the things we pride ourselves on include:

•    Fast order turnaround time – all orders get same day processing and most customers’ orders are delivered within 24 hours.
•    Our extensive network of global suppliers means that we have an incredibly wide range of tiles in stock.
•    Great customer service and an excellent returns service – not to mention a very user-friendly website
•    Being able to source what a customer needs if we don’t have it currently in stock

And we’re not keen on the sort of mosaic kit where you have to figure everything out yourself. All our kits have full instructions and everything you could possibly need to make them – and they’re also all professionally boxed.

If you don’t think mosaic making is for you, how about giving a kit as a wonderful gift? Learn more online today.

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